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Dallas, Texas Clinic for Veteran Experienced Artists and the Most Current Treatments in Permanent Cosmetics and Paramedical Micropigmentation.


Next Generation Microblading, Designer Eyeliner, Brows, Lips, Post Surgical Scar Camouflage and More.

Experience Flowing Through Life Effortlessly and Become Naturally Unlimited Now!


At Au Naturel we don't do basic Permanent Cosmetics and Paramedical or old blade "Microblading". We do Cutting Edge Treatments, and only the Highest Quality Luxe Permanent Cosmetics.



 Procedures Available

  • 3D Next Gen Microblading 

  • Micro-shaded Brows 

  • Designer Eyeliner

  • Scar Revision

  • Scar Camouflage

  • Stretch Mark Camouflage

  • Sun Spot Camouflage

  • Tattoo Removal

  • Hairline Pigmentation

  • Lip Blushing

  • Color Corrections.



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Brow Clinic Dallas

 The Luxury of Timeless Beauty

At Au Naturel we don't do cosmetic procedures that are trends or will go out of style. We have a classic and natural approach so that you stay timeless. When choosing micropigmentation cosmetic procedures, providers that use only the highest quality products and up to date technology is key.

At Au Naturel we use only luxe product lines and up to date cutting edge treatments for our Permanent Makeup.

Our Products & Services

Cosmetic tattoo products are not regulated by the state, so it is common for many providers to use lower end quality pigment lines.

Brow mill shops also continue to perform procedures that have proven to be problematic, long term.

Low quality products lines always fade into unwanted shades, and are extremely difficult to remove out of the skin with tattoo removal.

At Au Naturel we use on our patients only luxe permanent makeup pigment lines that have been clinically tested over 50 years, and are proven to be the highest quality.

All of our Permanent Makeup Pigments are vegan and made in the USA. This way we know all our colors are safe and stay true.

We use Hybrid Organic Pigments for facial treatments and a specially formulated skin tone body line for our Paramedical Micropigmentation. 

This precise special formulated combination of ingredients allows for a more natural-looking permanent eyeliner, eyebrow, lips, and scar revision results that lasts longer than traditional pigments. 

The organic ingredients in our permanent makeup is less susceptible to oxidation, This means less frequent follow up appointments. 

Moreover, providers charging stiff prices can still be offering old technologies, like blade microblading.


Blades are not good for your skin long term with the eventual touch up's required, due to scarring and blurring of pigments under the skin.

Especially if you have oily skin or are a dark Fitzpatrick skin type, you need to be more informed about the eventual scarring, possible keloids, blurring, and dark gray tones that follow.

"After" photos of the old technology of blade microblading are pretty at first, however what isn't seen is what the results look like years or even just one year later.

In this regard, it is essential to be consulting with multiple providers and know the right questions to ask before you have a permanent cosmetic treatment performed.

Our permanent makeup pigments, when combined with our current technologies, create a more vivid long-lasting result and will not jeopardize the integrity of the skin in ANY way.

At Au Naturel we believe in delivering the newest and most advanced technology in permanent cosmetics to our patients. 

We do not offer old microblading that use a "blade", that we know will essentially end up blurring and is bad for the majority of skin types.

We offer an advanced version to Microblading that use NANO Micro-Needles, which is safe for Every skin type.

This gives the same look, lasts much longer, will not scar, and is blur resistant. 

Micro-needles create a more vivid long lasting result, and will not jeopardize the integrity of the skin like old fashioned microblading.

Old (blade) microblading create good after photos online on the model,, but not for the long term. 

Micro-Needles, in contrast, are GOOD for the skin and are also used to diminish the appearance of scars, Burns, and Acne. (See Scar Micro-Needling)

Corrections of old Treatments

We remove and correct old microblading regularly in or clinic, which is blurring, migration, and graying.

This usually occurs at around the 1-3 year mark, and on oily and dark skin tones, 6 months to 1 year. 

We correct cheap pigment/ink product lines with tattoo removal and Color Corrections at our clinic.

Scars left behind from blade microblading can be helped with micro needling treatments in our clinic. 

At Au Naturel we offer a Free thorough in depth consultation either in person or virtually.

Our procedures are not based on a time schedule but are customized to each patients special requirement, so require a consultation.

We proudly serve Dallas, Fort Worth and the DFW Metroplex. 

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Meet The Lead Artist

Liberty Lane, master artist 

Liberty has been treating all things skin aesthetics since 2007 at her first business Fountain of Youth Body in Arlington, Texas.

She started Au Naturel Permanent Cosmetics in 2017 to bring her patients the best permanent only solutions that last and fully optimize thei
r lifestyle. 


 Professionally Customized




Hours: Mon - Sat 10am - 7pm

2821 McKinney Ave, Suite 6

Dallas, TX 75204

By Appointment

Payment Plans up to 12 months
0% Financing.
Won't effect your credit
80% Approval.

Book your Consultation Available In-Person or Virtually Now!

Treatments are Custom Tailored to each Patient. Consultations Required. 

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